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Hello and welcome to Traveling Exhibits Inspiration Ave. My name is Lisa and I'm the Exhibits Coordinator for Teacher's Discovery. It is truly an honor and a privilege to work with teachers and librarians throughout the United States in giving the gift of awe, inspiration and a museum experience to their students and patrons. Working with you has been so rewarding for me and I am moved and inspired daily with the heartfelt experiences that have been shared with me from so many who have hosted a Traveling Exhibit(s). When an educator is inspired it's contagious and therefore their students are inspired too. I will do my best always, to assist you in giving the best exhibition that will enrich the lives of all who are witness to our Spectacular Exhibits. With this blog I will share pictures,comments, ideas and activities that have been shared with me and use it as a tool for you to inspire your peers.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rousseau Inspired Student Art Work, Another Love letter from Brenda

Good afternoon Lisa,
I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed this exhibit! The kids as well as the staff, and especially me!!! Yesterday all the middle school art classes came over with a scavenger hunt and other materials from their teacher. Today, several board members and community members have been here to enjoy the exhibit. Several from the community have never been inside our school so this has been such a good PR opportunity. I gave them the royal tour with all the murals I have painted here too. Thank you for the quality of the exhibit, the ease of installation and the materials to go with the exhibit, and most of all your willingness/eagerness to help make this a wonderful experience for all of us. Thanks. I am sending you pictures of my 3rd graders working and 4th and 5th grade Rousseau inspired jungle pieces that have been finished. I can hardly wait for September when the Edgar Degas exhibit arrives. I'm already advertising it to my art groups. Thanks again,

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