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Hello and welcome to Traveling Exhibits Inspiration Ave. My name is Lisa and I'm the Exhibits Coordinator for Teacher's Discovery. It is truly an honor and a privilege to work with teachers and librarians throughout the United States in giving the gift of awe, inspiration and a museum experience to their students and patrons. Working with you has been so rewarding for me and I am moved and inspired daily with the heartfelt experiences that have been shared with me from so many who have hosted a Traveling Exhibit(s). When an educator is inspired it's contagious and therefore their students are inspired too. I will do my best always, to assist you in giving the best exhibition that will enrich the lives of all who are witness to our Spectacular Exhibits. With this blog I will share pictures,comments, ideas and activities that have been shared with me and use it as a tool for you to inspire your peers.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Google Teacher's Discovery Traveling Exhibits and this is just one of many articles that you'll find

Google Teacher's Discovery Traveling Exhibits and this is just one of many articles that you could find. It's a great story of our Claude Monet Traveling Exhibit and the Impression and Inspiration that it evoked while visiting Parkside Middle School in Manassas, VA. This article can be found at insidenova.com. This article was published March 20, 2009 and reporter Amanda Stewart does and excellent job telling the story of Parkside's Memorable Exhibit Experience. You'll see what I mean when you read on.
" Reggie Miles said he never considered himself a big fan of art museums. But that might have changed this week. After a traveling exhibit on impressionist painter Claude Monet visited Parkside Middle School this week, Reggie, a 14-year-old eighth-grader, said he gained a new appreciation for art. "I hadn't been an art appreciator before," he said. "But now that I've seen this up close, I think I'd like to go to art museums and see more."
The exhibit, put together by the company Teacher's Discovery, included three large prints of Monet's most famous pieces, including a 17 x 7-foot-long-print of "The Water Lily Pond; Pink Harmony." The large prints hung in Parkside's hallway all week, alongside Monet-inspired work done by Parkside students.
Students have been studying Monet and impressionism in their art and French classes and in the library, since November, said school librarian Jill Hubbell. This weeks traveling exhibit was the culminating event, she said.
In Myriam Lawrence's art classes, students learned about French impressionist painters and used the impressionist's dabbing technique to create their own art, Lawrence said.
French teacher Nancy Lopez said she used Monet's paintings to teach French vocabulary. Sixth-graders used the paintings to learn the French words for colors. In eighth-grade classes, students read a biography of Monet written in French and learned past tense of verbs.
In the library, students went on a "scavenger hunt" to find the answers to questions about Monet's life and work. Students also went on a field trip to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, where they got to see some of Monet's paintings up close. "It was exciting for our students, because they saw it first hand, not just from a picture," Hubbell said.
Teachers also tied the traveling exhibit into language arts classes, Hubbell said. Underneath the paintings, writing prompts were posted.
Friday afternoon, students Lisa Zilka's seventh-grade language arts class sat in front of the exhibit, using it as inspiration for their writing. A few other students, including Reggie, were busy making their own crayon drawings based on the Monet painting.
"It's challenging trying to mimic one of the great artists," said eighth-grader colt Burton, 14. The students said they liked having the exhibit in their school all week. "It's nice to have time to appreciate this kind of art," said eighth-grader Ijya Khatwada, 13. "When you just pass it in the hallway, you might not look at it that closely. It's good that it was here all week so we could see it."
By using Amanda's article I've been able to show you another perfect example of why we do what we do here at Teacher's Discovery Traveling Exhibits and Art Teacher's Discovery.

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