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Hello and welcome to Traveling Exhibits Inspiration Ave. My name is Lisa and I'm the Exhibits Coordinator for Teacher's Discovery. It is truly an honor and a privilege to work with teachers and librarians throughout the United States in giving the gift of awe, inspiration and a museum experience to their students and patrons. Working with you has been so rewarding for me and I am moved and inspired daily with the heartfelt experiences that have been shared with me from so many who have hosted a Traveling Exhibit(s). When an educator is inspired it's contagious and therefore their students are inspired too. I will do my best always, to assist you in giving the best exhibition that will enrich the lives of all who are witness to our Spectacular Exhibits. With this blog I will share pictures,comments, ideas and activities that have been shared with me and use it as a tool for you to inspire your peers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'd Like To Share A Love Note......

As coordinator for Traveling Exhibits I get the wonderful privilege of working with Teachers, Librarians and Museum Directors across the country gifting awe, inspiration and a memorable, cultural, museum experience to "Many". Whether hosting Art exhibits, Science or Social Studies there is a lot to experience and learn from each Traveling Exhibit, bringing their subject matter larger than life. As Traveling Exhibits continues to grow, we are becoming busier and busier and our fan mail is poring in. Skip the owner of Teacher's Discovery has re-named our fan mail to our "Love Letters". If you've read my introduction here on my blog than you know that I have created this blog to be used as a venue for our exhibit renters to inspire their peers. Well keeping on with that agenda I decided that I really wanted to share this love letter with you from Ms. Maxwell, Spanish Teacher at Woodglen School in Califon, NJ. So.... Here's Ms. Maxwell.....
Dear Lisa,
I extend tardy but hearty thanks to you and Teacher's Discovery. I have always enjoyed and used all the great items I have purchased in the past from Teacher's Discovery, but I was most impressed with the traveling art show. The promotional material was excellent. Our custodial staff, Mrs. Gaskill and I had no problem installing and dismantling the show. What a great product from conception to presentation. However, now there is an emptiness that must be filled. We realize what we were missing.... art and color.
What a transformation Picasso made to the room and what a reaction we had from our audiences. We planned the date to coincide with our drama club presentation of "Mulan" to increase exposure. Everyone who entered the room paused to study when confronted with the paintings on the wall. The PTA who sponsored the show had but one response; what are we going to do next year, Kahlo? The Board of Education enjoyed the back drop to their meeting. The show affected many. The custodial staff had their coffee breaks and lunch in the room just to be able to see it more often.
Cheryl Gaskill and I were able to co-teach a lesson to our joint Spanish classes using the life sized Picasso paintings. It was great to have them see the paintings almost as they would be, rather than using a book or a too small poster. Many were truly mesmerized and it gave them an opportunity to study three paintings in depth. Had they gone to the museum, they would not have walked away so impressed nor so educated. Less is more. Students we did not expect to like the show wanted more. They loved it, but that is how art works, it speaks to some more than others. Even if they did not like art they were able to see how two paintings by the same man can be very different. They could sense the light, colorful calm before the storm of Night Fishing at Antibes compared to the negative, harsh reality of Guernica.
In my next class I had the students try their hand at drawing like Picasso. They were to draw faces of other students and were to try to capture their personality or their physical characteristics... but not in a traditional manner (no oval face!), as Picasso might have at age 80. Amazingly many could. They seemed to understand what he was trying to do and a bit more of the man himself. I credit the show for allowing them to experience art in depth for at least one day.
Thank you again, personally I loved it and miss it. However, it inspired our school to create some Student Wall Art next year. Looking forward to future exhibit rentals.

Jerilyn Maxwell, Spanish Teacher

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